Introducing our new ©A3RO bike fit

(GOLD) – ADVANCED AERO 3D RETUL OBJECTIVE © (A3RO) – FULL BIKE FIT INCLUDING PEDAL/CLEAT ALIGNMENT AND RETUL DATA INFO > (Our advice) This fit is designed to make you go FAST .. Combining our wind cheating technology gained in the wind tunnel and Retüls multi measuring devices to give you a watt saving advantage over the competition. Whether you compete in TT Triathlon Road or Sportives this fit will optimise power and decrease your drag (see our wind tunnel video). We also give you a comprehensive report of the bike fit itself using Retül data equipment. What is Retül data! Retül is recognised as the worlds only cycling specific 3D motion capture system featuring real-time kinematic data, as used by many world tour professional teams including Team sky and Data dimension qhubeka.

Key Features of Retül

Rider movement is measured in three dimensions simultaneously, and dynamically while the rider is pedaling.
LED markers are captured at 18 frames per second creating millimeter-specific accuracy.
Data is collected dynamically as a set of averaged pedal strokes from the rider, not from an isolated position or view. (see sample report at bottom of page). Contact us for pricing details.