Bike fit Glasgow testimonial


Thanks very much for your skill and patience with my bike fit this morning. A very enjoyable session. I think the personal interaction makes a huge difference as there is so much more to it than just the numbers. . . as you said yourself, we’re not dealing with robots.

It’s too early to be sure of all the effects of the changes, but I went out this afternoon and I’m sure the most noticeable thing is an improvement in leg action. It’s a subtle thing. At this stage it appears as a redistribution of what feels like the “lactic acid centres”, and an improvement in the willingness of the legs after a ride that would previously have put them in a sluggish state. It feels as if the whole leg is working now, instead of just parts of it. It isn’t an immediate increase of speed or anything like that, but it feels likely to prove itself if I play my part and train myself into the new geometry. The incentive to do that is good. I have no thought of reverting to the old position.

My reading of this is to settle into the new adjustments, as you said, and let the benefits emerge through adaptation, as I’m sure they will. In may case have to work around some awkward old injuries as well, and I must say the aches and pains have moved around a bit, but it all feels healthy.

Another valuable thing is the sense of having paid serious attention to an important part of the art!

I will certainly recommend your sessions to my clubmates.


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