Bike fit Glasgow feedback recommendation

For me the detail of the silver session at VisualBikeFit with Drew Wilson was more than a worthwhile exercise.  In a nutshell I would say the improvements in position and pedalling action represent a measurable increase in the return on one’s investment in cycling kit and years of riding.  I could have wasted a lot of time and money experimenting on my own with wheels, stems, or even a new bike, as well as endless adjustments of seat height and so on, but the professional personal process at VisualBikeFit goes quickly to the heart of getting these complex interactions just right.  Even after a few days I’m feeling better on the bike, with better pedalling action and fewer stiffnesses after a strenuous ride.  I wasn’t simply looking for speed, but I’m certainly riding faster and easier.  As I have been riding for many years, I’m feeling a decade younger.  Thanks Drew, for a session that was not only technically good, but friendly and interesting.


Tim Miller, Biggar Cycling Club