Aberdeen bike fit testimonial

Need a bike fit in Aberdeen, check out the recent testimonial from a bike fit done by www.visualbikefit.com. Mobile bike fitting by Triple Commonwealth games road cyclist and ex professional Drew Wilson.

Hi Drew

Thanks for the session last week – for me it was time (and money) well spent.

In terms of feedback – I did two fairly long rides over the weekend and wow what a difference!

The toe numbness is all but cured (shoe straps too tight)
Saddle/handlebar position just make it all feel easier. I’ve noticed a big difference when getting out of the saddle for climbing and I don’t feel like I’m losing momentum in the movement now. I seem to be able to generate speed from nowhere too.
Why did I ever put that other saddle on?

Quote: Great session with Drew, time and money well spent. I thought I was doing okay but after a few tweaks what a difference!

All the best,